About Us

X 3 Lanka has made its presence felt in global market and our objective is to be closer to our foreign buyers and provide them with products which we are renowned for. We strive to meet and exceed forewing buyer’s expectations to promote long term partnerships. We value our employees and create an enjoyable work environment which allows personal fulfillment that leads to loyal and productive employees who are dedicated to the company. We promote team environment among our employees. We treat our suppliers with respect for our mutual benefit. We add value to our products, supplying only high quality products, effective packing practices in order to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Vision & Mission



At 3 Lanka, we are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our stakeholders and serve our foreign buyers with high quality products to exceed their expectations.


3 Lanka is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and satisfaction to foreign buyers. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our foreign buyers with providing high quality products from Sri Lanka delivered at agreed time frame.

Chairman's Message


X 3 Lanka is a progressive and forward thinking company dedicated to pursuit of opportunities for export of Sri Lankan Spices, Tea, Vegetables and Fruits. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable business practices. With the experience in the relevant export field, we are experts in purchasing from producers and supplying goods to our foreign buyers. We strive to attain success in ways that reflect the integrity of our company to the outside world and people who have business dealings with our company. When you select a Company for your requirements in Sri Lanka, it is crucial that you select a reputed company you can trust. We maintain high standards of professionalism in our business dealings and accountability in all of our transactions.

I would like to conclude by expressing my sincere gratitude to all the staff and our valued foreign buyers for their trust and continued support.